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Highway 61 Films major focus is to tell your story. We as artists have been steeped in the documentary format equipping us with skills necessary to creative a complete narrative. It's important for us to get to know couples in order to capture who you are.

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Jeremy Bustos

Modern Blue Dress Barn Wedding

On top of all the modern charm that this wedding holds, including pink peonies you could take a bite out of and ruffled coral bridesmaids dresses, it is jam-packed with love of the sweetest variety. Highway 61 Films captured moments that will warm your heart in their beautiful film, from a flower girl wiping away her tears at the powerful ceremony to the buzzing reception and ear-to-ear grins. For even more, check out the...


Orange Infused Wedding Celebration in Chicago

This couple chose to tie the knot on one of the most festive holidays in Chicago; St Patricks Day Weekend. But you won't find a stitch of emerald green. Instead it's a blanket of orange crafted by Big City Bride and set against the lofty backdrop of River East Art Center. The one thing they did pull from St. Paddy's Day? A...


Princess Bride Inspiration Shoot by Studio Rebekah Photography + Mercy Turner Events

How many little girls grow up dreaming about the day their prince charming will sweep them off their feet (on a horse nonetheless!?) This real-life couple stepped into that dream for a Princess Bride themed inspiration shoot by Mercy Turner Events and Studio Rebekah Photography. An incredible group of vendors created a full-on magical forest in the middle of Illinois and left...